The Selenium 3 Training course is designed to teach individuals how to automate web testing using Selenium WebDriver, one of the most popular automation testing tools. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Selenium, how to write test scripts, and how to create automated test cases for web applications.

Selenium 3 is a widely used open-source framework for automating web browsers, and it plays a pivotal role in web application testing and web scraping. This training program provides a comprehensive overview of Selenium 3, equipping participants with the skills to effectively automate web tasks and test web applications. The training covers essential topics such as setting up Selenium, navigating web pages, interacting with elements, handling different browser types, and executing test scripts in various programming languages like Java, Python, and C#. Participants will gain hands-on experience in creating robust automation scripts and will understand best practices for maintaining and scaling their Selenium test suites. Throughout the training, participants will also learn about advanced concepts like handling frames, working with dynamic elements, and implementing test automation frameworks for larger-scale projects. By the end of this Selenium 3 training, attendees will have the knowledge and practical expertise to create reliable, maintainable, and efficient web automation solutions, making them valuable assets in the world of software testing and web development.


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Course Highlights

Selenium Fundamentals: Get a strong foundation in Selenium automation testing.

WebDriver Mastery: Learn how to use Selenium WebDriver for interacting with web elements.

Test Script Development: Create robust and maintainable test scripts in various programming languages.

Cross-Browser Testing: Perform testing on different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Handling Dynamic Elements: Understand techniques for handling dynamic web elements.

Automation Frameworks: Explore automation frameworks for organized and scalable testing.

Test Execution and Reporting: Execute tests and generate detailed reports.

Parallel Testing: Learn how to run tests concurrently to save time.

Integration with CI/CD: Integrate Selenium tests into Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines.

Best Practices: Discover industry best practices for efficient Selenium test automation.



After you complete the course with Skillfloor, you will receive a certification of the Selenium 3 Training course, you will typically receive a certificate of completion. This certificate may not be an official certification but serves as proof of your training in Selenium automation testing. By the end of this Selenium 3 training, attendees will have the knowledge and practical expertise to create reliable, maintainable, and efficient web automation solutions, making them valuable assets in the world of software testing and web development.


Top 10 Reasons For Choosing this Course

Automation Skills: Learn a valuable skill for automating web testing.

Career Opportunities: Selenium expertise is in high demand, leading to job opportunities.

Versatility: Selenium can be used with various programming languages and browsers.

Cost-Efficiency: Automated testing reduces testing time and costs.

Improved Accuracy: Automation reduces the risk of human errors in testing.

Reusability: Create reusable test scripts for different scenarios.

Parallel Testing: Save time by running tests concurrently.

Integration: Integrate with CI/CD for seamless testing in the development pipeline.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the evolving Selenium framework.

Community Support: Join a vast Selenium community for guidance and troubleshooting.


Course Curriculum

  •  Overview of Selenium and its uses
     Selenium architecture and components
     Types of Selenium tests
     Setting up Selenium environment

  •  Understanding HTML basics
     Using Selenium WebDriver
     Creating and executing a simple Selenium test
     Locating webpage elements

  •  Working with multiple browser tabs/windows
     Explicit and Implicit waits
     Page Object Model
     Handling dynamic webpage content

  •  Introduction to TestNG and JUnit frameworks
     Writing Selenium scripts using TestNG/JUnit
     Creating test suites
     Running tests in parallel

  •  Generating test reports
     Analyzing test results
     Debugging Selenium tests
     Troubleshooting common issues

  •  Integrating Selenium with Jenkins, Maven, Git, and other tools
     Automating the build and deployment process
     Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  •  Best practices for Selenium testing
     Scalable test design and execution
     Introduction to Selenium Grid
     Future developments in Selenium

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