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A person's ability to successfully integrate the systematic PRINCE2 approach with the flexible Agile practices is demonstrated by their PRINCE2 Agile course certification, which is a powerful indicator of their grasp of complex project management techniques. Having this prestigious certification is a great way to start off your career because it broadens your skill set and validates your ability to handle challenging assignments with grace and flexibility. Through the painstakingly designed PRINCE2 Agile Foundation courses, learners go on a life-changing educational journey that not only grants them the esteemed PRINCE2 certificate but also thoroughly explores the nuances of incorporating PRINCE2 principles into Agile environments, strengthening their grounding in project management techniques to effectively and confidently handle a variety of challenges.

Additionally, obtaining PRINCE2 Agile certification demonstrates a dedication to ongoing education and modification in the field of project management. It allows individuals to flourish in roles that necessitate the fusion of Agile frameworks with traditional project management approaches, opening access to a variety of employment prospects. PRINCE2 Agile courses offer an organized method for learning these approaches, giving participants the information and abilities required to manage projects successfully in the quick-changing and fast-paced business environment of today.




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Course Highlights

  • Introduction to PRINCE2 Agile: Understand the basics of PRINCE2 Agile methodology and its applications in project management.

  • PRINCE2 Principles: Learn about the seven guiding principles of PRINCE2 and how they apply to agile project management.

  • Agile Concepts: Explore fundamental agile concepts such as iterative development, collaboration, and flexibility in project delivery.

  • Tailoring PRINCE2 for Agile: Discover how to tailor the PRINCE2 framework to suit agile projects, ensuring alignment with agile values and principles.

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Understand the different roles and responsibilities within a PRINCE2 Agile project team, including the role of the project manager and agile roles like product owner and Scrum master.

  • Managing Products with PRINCE2 Agile: Learn how to effectively manage products throughout the project lifecycle using PRINCE2 Agile practices.

  • Agile Techniques: Gain insights into various agile techniques such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Startup, and how they can be integrated with PRINCE2.

  • Agile Behaviors and Techniques: Explore the importance of agile behaviours like collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement, and how to apply them in project management.

  • Governance and Control: Understand how to maintain governance and control in agile projects while ensuring flexibility and adaptability to change.

  • Exam Preparation: Prepare for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam with practice questions, quizzes, and comprehensive review sessions to solidify your understanding of the course material.



After you complete the course with Skillfloor, you will receive a certification PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course offered by Skillfloor, in partnership with Peoplecert for certification, which provides a comprehensive introduction to the PRINCE2 Agile framework. This course equips participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to understand and apply PRINCE2 principles in an agile context. It covers the key concepts of PRINCE2 Agile, including project management, governance, and agile methodologies, preparing individuals for the certification exam conducted by Peoplecert.


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Top 10 reasons

  1. Reliable Framework for Project Management: The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course provides a comprehensive methodology that blends the governance of PRINCE2 with the flexibility of agile.

  2. Acquire a globally recognized certification: that attests to your PRINCE2 Agile competency, boosting your reputation and opening up professional options in project management.

  3. Improved Capabilities for Project Management: Gain adaptable skills that will allow you to modify project management techniques to fit a range of project conditions and specifications.

  4. Adaptability to Change: To ensure project success in dynamic business environments, can welcome change and successfully address changing project needs.

  5. Stakeholder Collaboration: Learn strategies for encouraging stakeholder communication and collaboration, which will promote transparency and alignment all the way through the project lifecycle.

  6. Better Decision-Making: Get the skills and methods necessary to make well-informed choices based on input, data analysis, and continuous project completion.

  7. Efficient Resource Utilisation: To maximise project efficiency and effectiveness, optimise resource allocation and utilisation through iterative planning and adaptive management techniques.

  8. Master risk management: excellence by knowing how to recognise, evaluate, and address risks in agile project settings in a way that minimises risks and maximises opportunities.

  9. Establish a Culture of Continuous Improvement: Promote innovation and excellence in project delivery by integrating lessons learned and feedback loops.

  10. Professional Growth: Set yourself up for success in project management roles by gaining the abilities and know-how necessary to oversee agile projects that are successful across a range of industries.


 Overview of PRINCE2 methodology
 Overview of Agile methodology
 Benefits of combining PRINCE2 and Agile

 Understanding the seven principles of PRINCE2
 Understanding the eight principles of Agile
 Integrating the PRINCE2 and Agile principles

 Overview of the PRINCE2 Agile framework
 Understanding the PRINCE2 Agile roles
 Understanding the PRINCE2 Agile themes
 Understanding the PRINCE2 Agile processes

 Understanding the different Agile approaches
 Applying Agile in the PRINCE2 framework
 Understanding the Scrum methodology

 Understanding how to manage projects with PRINCE2 Agile
 Understanding the importance of communication
 Understanding how to handle changes

 Studying tips for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Exam
 Understanding the structure of the exam
 Practice exam questions and review


PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is a certification that combines PRINCE2 project management methodology with Agile principles and practices to manage projects effectively in a dynamic environment.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation provides an introduction to the integration of PRINCE2 and Agile methodologies, while PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner is the next level certification that tests the candidate's ability to apply PRINCE2 Agile concepts in real-world scenarios.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is suitable for project managers, team members, and stakeholders who wish to understand how to apply Agile principles within the PRINCE2 framework.


PRINCE2 Agile Foundation principles include focusing on value, delivering iteratively, collaborating with stakeholders, and remaining adaptable to change.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation addresses project risks through iterative delivery, frequent feedback loops, and the ability to respond to change quickly.

Combining PRINCE2 and Agile methodologies allows organizations to benefit from both structured project management processes and the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile practices.


PRINCE2 Agile Foundation integrates Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, as well as Agile practices such as iterative development, continuous integration, and self-organizing teams.


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