PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) Foundation is a widely recognized project management methodology designed to provide a structured and scalable approach to managing projects. Developed by the UK government, PRINCE2 is now utilized globally in various industries. The Foundation level serves as an entry point to understanding the key principles, themes, and processes of PRINCE2. At its core, PRINCE2 Foundation emphasizes tailoring its framework to suit the unique characteristics of each project, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. The methodology is built upon seven key principles, including continued business justification, learning from experience, and defining roles and responsibilities.

PRINCE2 Foundation introduces practitioners to seven key themes that guide project management activities, such as business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change, and progress. Additionally, it outlines seven processes that form the project lifecycle, from initiation to closure. Completing the PRINCE2 Foundation certification provides individuals with a fundamental understanding of the methodology, enabling them to contribute effectively to project teams and apply PRINCE2 principles in real-world scenarios. This certification is valuable for professionals seeking a structured and universally applicable approach to project management.

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Course Highlights

Introduction to PRINCE2 Methodology: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the PRINCE2 framework, principles, and themes.

Structured Approach: Learn a structured and process-driven project management methodology for effective project delivery.

Adaptability: Explore the flexibility of PRINCE2, allowing it to be tailored to various project types and sizes.

Key Principles: Understand the seven key principles that underpin PRINCE2, ensuring projects align with best practices.

Focus on Business Justification: Emphasize the importance of continuous validation of project relevance and benefits.

Roles and Responsibilities: Clarify the roles and responsibilities of project team members to enhance accountability.

Effective Communication: Learn how PRINCE2 facilitates clear communication between project teams and stakeholders.

Risk Management: Develop skills in identifying, assessing, and managing risks to improve overall project outcomes.

Quality Management: Understand how PRINCE2 integrates quality management throughout the project lifecycle.

Preparation for Certification: Equip yourself for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, a globally recognized certification validating your project management knowledge and skills.


After you complete the course with Skillfloor, you will receive a certification PRINCE2 Foundation course offered by Skillfloor, in partnership with Peoplecert for certification, which provides a comprehensive introduction to the PRINCE2 project management framework. This course covers the fundamental principles, processes, and terminology of PRINCE2, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage projects using this widely recognized methodology. Upon successful completion of the course, participants can take the PeopleCert PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam to validate their understanding of PRINCE2 principles and practices.



Top 10 Reasons For Choosing this Course

Global Recognition: PRINCE2 is globally recognized and widely adopted, making it a valuable certification for project managers around the world.

Industry-Neutral: PRINCE2 is applicable to a wide range of industries, from IT to construction, making it versatile and adaptable to various project types.

Best Practices: PRINCE2 is based on best practices in project management, offering a systematic and organized approach to project execution.

Structured Methodology: It provides a clearly defined and structured methodology with a comprehensive set of processes, roles, and responsibilities, ensuring project consistency.

Improved Project Control: PRINCE2 emphasizes effective project control through regular reviews and clear decision points, helping to identify and address issues early.

Risk Management: The framework places a strong emphasis on risk management, helping project managers anticipate and mitigate potential problems.

Scalability: PRINCE2 is scalable, making it suitable for both small and large projects, and it can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a project.

Focus on Business Justification: PRINCE2 places a significant emphasis on ensuring that projects align with business goals and objectives, which helps justify investments.

Defined Roles and Responsibilities: PRINCE2 defines clear roles and responsibilities for project team members, reducing confusion and improving accountability.

Career Advancement: Earning the PRINCE2 Foundation certification can enhance your career prospects and open up opportunities for higher-paying positions in project management.


Course Curriculum

  •  Overview of PRINCE2 framework
     Principles, themes, processes and products in PRINCE2
     Benefits of using PRINCE2 methodology

  •  Explanation of 7 PRINCE2 principles
     Importance and application of each principle in project management
     Examples of how to apply principles in a project

  •  Overview of 7 PRINCE2 themes
     Explanation of each theme and its purpose
     Examples of how to apply themes in a project
     Risk, quality, change, progress, organization, plans, and business case

  •  Description of 7 PRINCE2 processes
     Purpose, inputs, and outputs of each process
     Examples of how to apply processes in a project
     Starting a project, directing a project, initiating a project, controlling a stage, managing product delivery, managing stage boundaries and closing a project

  •  Understanding the concept of tailoring PRINCE2 for specific projects
     Information on how to adapt PRINCE2 methodology to fit project requirements
     Examples of how to tailor PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes

  •  Tips and strategies for taking the PRINCE2 Foundation exam
     Sample exam questions and exercises
     Important exam information and logistics

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