GitHub is a web-based platform and collaboration tool primarily used for version control and software development. It allows developers to host and manage their code repositories, track changes, collaborate with other team members, and contribute to open-source projects. GitHub provides a user-friendly interface, integrated issue tracking, and a wide range of features to streamline the development process, making it a popular choice for developers and organizations worldwide.

In addition to its core version control capabilities, GitHub offers features like pull requests, code reviews, continuous integration, and project management tools. It has become a central hub for the global developer community, fostering collaboration and code sharing among individuals and organizations, thereby playing a pivotal role in the open-source software ecosystem and software development in general.


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Course Highlights

Code Hosting: GitHub is primarily known as a hosting platform for Git repositories. It allows developers to store and manage their source code in the cloud.

Pull Requests: GitHub's pull request system is a fundamental feature for collaboration. Developers can propose changes, review code, and merge contributions from others seamlessly.

Issue Tracking: GitHub provides robust issue-tracking capabilities. Teams can create, assign, and manage issues to track bugs, feature requests, and other tasks.

GitHub Actions: GitHub Actions is an integrated CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) platform. It enables developers to automate workflows and build, test, and deploy their code directly from GitHub.

GitHub Marketplace: The marketplace offers a wide range of apps and integrations that can enhance your development workflow, from code quality tools to project management software.

Security Scanning: GitHub has introduced various security scanning features that automatically analyze your code for vulnerabilities and offer suggestions for remediation.

GitHub Pages: GitHub Pages allows you to host websites directly from your GitHub repository. It's a great way to showcase documentation or projects.

Code Review: GitHub's code review tools make it easy for developers to collaborate and provide feedback on each other's code. Features like inline comments and code diffs simplify the review process.

GitHub Desktop: GitHub offers a user-friendly desktop application for Windows and macOS, making it easier for developers to work with Git and GitHub repositories.

Community and Social Features: GitHub fosters a strong community of developers. Features like social coding, the ability to follow other developers and repositories, and the Explore section help users discover interesting projects and collaborate with others.


After you complete the course with Skillfloor, you will receive a certification. Skillfloor is promptly providing Github Certification. Now you can master Git and GitHub for developers and teams, and it's considered a valuable skill in the software development industry. You can demonstrate your proficiency by showcasing your GitHub profile, contributions to open-source projects, and your knowledge of best practices. The certification may include practical scenarios and tasks that simulate real-world development situations, allowing candidates to demonstrate their problem-solving skills.


Top 10 Reasons For Choosing this Course


Efficient Version Control: GitHub streamlines version control, making it easier to track code changes and collaborate.

Collaborative Development: It enables seamless collaboration among team members, whether local or remote.

Open Source Contribution: GitHub is a hub for open-source projects, allowing you to contribute to valuable initiatives.

Community Support: The GitHub community provides support, guidance, and opportunities for networking.

Industry Standard: Git and GitHub are industry-standard tools used by developers worldwide.

Learning Resources: Abundant learning resources are available to master Git and GitHub.

Project Portfolio: GitHub can serve as a portfolio to showcase your coding skills to potential employers.

Issue Tracking: You can efficiently track and manage issues and feature requests for your projects.

Documentation: GitHub repositories can include detailed documentation for your projects.

Continuous Integration: GitHub integrates with CI/CD tools for automated testing and deployment.


Course Curriculum

  •  Overview of GitHub and its uses                                                                                                    
     Creating a GitHub account and understanding its interface

  •  Understanding version control and its importance                                                                                                    
     Git concepts such as repositories, commits, branches, and merges

  •  Creating, cloning, and forking repositories                                                                                                    
     Understanding branches, pull requests, and merging changes

  •  Using issues, milestones, and labels                                                                                                    
     Collaborating with others through pull requests, comments, and review tools

  •  Integrating GitHub with other development tools such as Travis CI and Heroku                                                                                                    
     Exploring GitHub's API and its capabilities for automation and customizing workflows

  •  Best practices for code review, collaboration, and security                                                                                                    
     Advanced topics such as rebasing, submodules, and Gitflow

  •  Recap of the course and key takeaways                                                                                                    
     Suggested next steps for continuing to learn and use GitHub

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