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Our Journey

The Story of Skillfloor

In 2013, SKILLFLOOR was born with a powerful dream: to help young professionals across India gain the skills they need to succeed. We believed that education should be practical, accessible, and directly linked to real-world jobs. With this vision, SKILLFLOOR set out to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Our Beginnings

SKILLFLOOR started with a mission to close the gap between traditional education and the demands of the job market. We created courses that went beyond theory, focusing on hands-on learning and practical skills that would prepare our students for the careers of their dreams

Major Milestones

Our journey took a significant leap in 2017 when we acquired DataMites, a leader in data science and AI training. This allowed us to bring the latest technological skills to our students, equipping them to excel in the fast-growing fields of data and artificial intelligence.

In 2018, we welcomed Skillogic into the SKILLFLOOR family. Known for its comprehensive professional skills training, Skillogic helped us offer a wider range of courses, from project management to IT services. This expansion meant that we could serve the diverse needs of modern professionals even better.

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Growing and Expanding

Today, SKILLFLOOR has grown tremendously. We have physical offices in 25 cities across India, where students can attend in-person classes and get hands-on training. Overall, we have about 40 centres nationwide, and we’re rapidly expanding. Our reach extends to tier 2 and tier 3 cities, bringing high-quality education to areas where opportunities were once limited.

Practical Learning and Real-World Success

What makes SKILLFLOOR special is our focus on practical learning. Every course includes real-world applications and internships, giving our students the experience they need to succeed from day one. This approach ensures that our graduates are not just knowledgeable but also job-ready.

Recognized and Trusted

Over the past decade, we have trained over 100,000 learners, helping them successfully transition into their careers. Our commitment to affordable and inclusive education has earned us recognition as the leading career-oriented training provider in India. We are proud to be rated as the most trusted training institute, with glowing five-star reviews from our students on various digital platforms.

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Looking to the Future

The future of SKILLFLOOR is incredibly bright. We are continuously expanding our presence and bringing our high-quality training to more cities across India. With each new centre, we are contributing significantly to the development of skills and talent in the country. As we grow, we are also playing a vital role in driving India's economy towards a skilled and prosperous future. Our vision is clear: to empower young professionals with the skills they need to thrive and to help build a stronger, more skilled India. The journey ahead is filled with endless possibilities, and we are excited to continue inspiring, educating, and transforming lives.

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