The "CI/CD Developer" course is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and expertise needed to become proficient in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) practices. This course focuses on teaching participants how to streamline software development processes, automate testing, and ensure the rapid and reliable delivery of software applications. Participants will learn to implement CI/CD pipelines, use modern DevOps tools, and optimize software development workflows.

The course offers hands-on learning experiences, enabling students to work on real-world projects and gain practical skills that are highly sought after in software development and DevOps roles. Upon completion, participants will receive a certification that recognizes their proficiency in CI/CD development.

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Course Highlights

Introduction to CI/CD: Understand the principles and benefits of CI/CD.

Version Control: Master Git and version control practices.

Automated Testing: Learn to automate testing processes.

CI/CD Pipeline Setup: Build and configure CI/CD pipelines.

Containerization: Explore containerization with Docker.

Orchestration: Use Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Implement infrastructure automation.

Continuous Delivery: Achieve continuous software delivery.

Monitoring and Logging: Implement monitoring and logging solutions.

Security Practices: Incorporate security into CI/CD processes.


After you complete the course with Skillfloor, you will receive a certification for completion of the CI/CD Developer course, participants will receive a certification that validates their expertise in implementing CI/CD practices and optimizing software development workflows. The course offers hands-on learning experiences, enabling students to work on real-world projects and gain practical skills that are highly sought after in software development and DevOps roles. This certification is recognized in the software development and DevOps industry and can enhance career opportunities in DevOps, software engineering, and related roles.



Top 10 Reasons For Choosing this Course

In-Demand Skillset: CI/CD expertise is highly sought after in the IT industry.

Efficient Development: Streamline software development and deployment processes.

Automation Mastery: Learn to automate testing, deployment, and infrastructure.

Modern DevOps Tools: Gain proficiency in DevOps tools like Git, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Rapid Deployment: Deliver software faster and more reliably.

Scalability: Understand how to scale applications with containerization.

Infrastructure Automation: Implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles.

Monitoring and Optimization: Ensure application health and performance.

Security Integration: Incorporate security into CI/CD pipelines.

Certification: Receive a recognized certification in CI/CD development.


Course Curriculum

  •  Definition and importance of CI/CD                                                                                                    
     Benefits and challenges of implementing CI/CD                                                                                                    
     Comparison with traditional software development

  •  Introduction to Git and other version control systems                                                                                                    
     Basic Git commands and concepts                                                                                                    
     Git branching and merging

  •  Concepts and Principles of Continuous Integration                                                                                                    
     Tools for implementing CI, such as Jenkins and Travis CI                                                                                                    
     Building and testing code with CI

  •  Concepts and Principles of Continuous Delivery                                                                                                    
     Tools for implementing CD, such as AWS CodeDeploy and Google Cloud Build                                                                                                    
     Deploying code with CD    

  •  Concepts and Principles of Continuous Deployment                                                                                                    
     Tools for implementing Continuous Deployment, such as Heroku and Microsoft Azure                                                                                                    
     Deploying code with Continuous Deployment

  •  Introduction to Infrastructure as Code                                                                                                    
     Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform and Ansible                                                                                                    
     Creating and configuring infrastructure with IaC

  •  Introduction to Monitoring and Logging                                                                                                    
     Tools such as Prometheus and Grafana                                                                                                    
     Configuring monitoring and logging in the CI/CD pipeline

  •  Overview of security and compliance in CI/CD                                                                                                    
     Security best practices for CI/CD pipelines                                                                                                    
     Compliance requirements and strategies    

  •  Introduction to automation and orchestration tools                                                                                                    
     Tools such as Puppet and Chef                                                                                                    
     Automating deployment and configuration management

  •  Advanced principles and concepts of CI/CD                                                                                                    
     Emerging technologies and trends in CI/CD                                                                                                    
     Real-world use cases and case studies of successful CI/CD implementations.

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