The Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 course is a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and maintain Azure cloud environments. This course covers a wide range of Azure services and tools, focusing on practical skills required for day-to-day cloud administration tasks.

The Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification, AZ-104, is a validation of one's ability to manage, monitor, and maintain Azure resources effectively. This certification demonstrates expertise in various technical tasks, including managing Azure identities and governance, implementing and managing storage solutions, deploying virtual machines, configuring and managing virtual networks, and ensuring the security and compliance of Azure resources. It is a key credential for professionals responsible for Azure administration and offers a solid foundation for career growth in cloud computing. To prepare for the AZ-104 exam, candidates can access study guides and training resources provided by Microsoft, and there are also courses available on platforms like Udemy to help candidates achieve success in the certification process.

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Course Highlights

1. Introduction to Azure: Understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, including its services, regions, and data center architecture.

2. Azure Resource Management: Learn how to manage Azure resources, create resource groups, and understand the Azure Resource Manager.

3. Azure Virtual Machines: Explore how to create, configure, and manage virtual machines in Azure.

4. Azure Networking: Learn about Azure Virtual Networks, subnets, and how to connect on-premises networks to Azure.

5. Azure Identity and Access Management: Understand Azure Active Directory, user and group management, and how to secure Azure resources.

6. Azure Storage: Explore Azure Blob storage, Azure Files, and Azure Disk Storage, and how to manage data in Azure.

7. Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets: Discover how to deploy and manage multiple virtual machines using scale sets.

8. Azure Backup and Site Recovery: Learn how to configure backup and disaster recovery solutions in Azure.

9. Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Understand how to monitor the health of Azure services and use Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics for troubleshooting.

10. Azure Policy and Compliance: Learn how to implement Azure policies to enforce organizational standards and compliance requirements.


After you complete the course with Skillfloor, you will receive a certification of the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 course typically prepares individuals for the AZ-104 exam. Achieving this certification validates your Azure administration skills and can significantly enhance your career opportunities and earning potential, as it is recognized by organizations worldwide. Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) es una acreditación de nivel intermedio que valida las habilidades y conocimientos necesarios para administrar recursos en Microsoft Azure, una plataforma de servicios en la nube líder en la industria. Aquí tienes una descripción general de la certificación AZ-104.



Top 10 Reasons For Choosing this Course

High Demand: Azure administrators are in high demand in the job market.

Career Growth: Azure certifications can lead to better job prospects and career advancement.

Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on expertise in managing Azure resources.

Certification Preparation: Get ready to pass the AZ-104 exam and earn a valuable certification.

Cost Optimization: Learn to optimize Azure costs, a crucial skill for organizations.

Security Focus: Understand Azure's robust security features and compliance standards.

Hybrid Cloud Skills: Master integrating on-premises and Azure environments.

Scalability and Availability: Design and maintain solutions for growth and reliability.

Automation Proficiency: Automate tasks to streamline operations and save time.

Career Boost: Enhance your career prospects in the dynamic and evolving field of cloud administration.

Course Curriculum

  •  Overview of Azure                                                                                                    
     Azure Portal and Azure Services                                                                                                    
     Creating an Azure account                                                                                                    
     Azure pricing and support    

  •  Azure VM deployment                                                                                                    
     Azure VM management                                                                                                    
     Azure VM scalability                                                                                                    
     Azure VM backups and availability sets

  •  Introduction to Azure Storage                                                                                                    
     Azure Blob Storage                                                                                                    
     Azure File Storage                                                                                                    
     Azure Queue Storage                                                                                                    
     Azure Table Storage

  •  Azure Virtual Network and Subnets                                                                                                    
     Azure Load Balancer                                                                                                    
     Azure Traffic Manager                                                                                                    
     Azure VPN Gateway                                                                                                    
     Azure ExpressRoute

  •  Azure Active Directory                                                                                                    
     Multifactor Authentication                                                                                                    
     Azure Resource Manager                                                                                                    
     Azure Security Center                                                                                                    
     Azure Key Vault

  •  Azure Policies                                                                                                    
     Azure Blueprints                                                                                                    
     Azure Resource Manager Templates                                                                                                    
     Azure Cost Management                                                                                                    
     Azure Advisor

  •  Azure Monitor                                                                                                    
     Azure Service Health                                                                                                    
     Azure Log Analytics                                                                                                    
     Azure Application Insights                                                                                                    
     Azure Network Watcher

  •  Exam overview and format                                                                                                    
     Exam resources and study materials                                                                                                    
     Practice exams and certification path                                                                                                    
     Career opportunities and job roles

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