A Data Scientist-Operations course is likely to cover a range of topics related to data analysis, operations research, and decision-making. Here's a general overview of what such a course might include. This specialized data science course is designed exclusively for operations professionals seeking to leverage data-driven insights for operational excellence.

The program provides a deep dive into the intersection of data science and operations management. It equips participants with the skills needed to optimize processes, streamline logistics, and enhance decision-making in operations. Explore a course designed to empower operations professionals with data science tools and techniques, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive efficiency in their operational roles.


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Course Highlights

Operations-Centric Curriculum: Dive into data analysis and modelling tailored to the unique needs of operations.

Practical Projects: Apply data science concepts to real operational challenges through hands-on projects.

Industry Experts as Instructors: Learn from professionals with extensive experience in both data science and operations management.

Cutting-Edge Tools: Gain proficiency in data analysis tools and software relevant to operations.

Customized Learning Paths: Tailor your learning journey to align with your specific operations domain.

Mentorship and Guidance: Receive personalized support from mentors throughout the course.

Career Advancement: Access opportunities for roles in operations optimization and data-driven decision-making.

Alumni Success Stories: Connect with successful operations professionals who have benefited from this course.

Flexible Learning Formats: Choose between online and in-person classes to accommodate your schedule.

Networking Opportunities: Build relationships with fellow operations and data enthusiasts.


completing the Data Scientist-Operations course with Skillfloor, you will be awarded a Certified Data Scientist-Operations certification. This certification is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in data science and its application in the field of operations.

The Certified Data Scientist-Operations program offered by Skillfloor equips professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to leverage data science techniques for optimizing operational processes, improving efficiency, and making data-driven decisions within operations management.



Top 10 Reasons For Choosing this Course

Data-Driven Decision Making: Learn how to make informed decisions using data analysis.  

Career Opportunities: Data science and operations roles are in high demand across industries.

Problem Solving: Acquire problem-solving skills applicable to complex operational challenges.

Optimization: Understand how to optimize processes and operations for efficiency.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Gain knowledge that combines data science and operations research.  

Practical Applications: Apply data science techniques to real-world operations problems.    

Competitive Advantage: Stand out in the job market with a valuable skill set.

Data Analysis Skills: Develop strong data analysis skills that are universally applicable. 

Career Growth: Opportunities for career advancement in data-related roles.

Contribution to Efficiency: Make a significant impact by improving operational efficiency.

Course Curriculum

  •  Overview of Data Science Operations
     Understanding the Data Science Lifecycle
     Data Collection, Mining, and Cleaning
     Introduction to Data Analysis

  •  Data Visualization
     Descriptive Statistics
     Inferential Statistics
     Regression Analysis
     Time series Analysis

  •  Introduction to Machine Learning
     Supervised Learning
     Unsupervised Learning

  •  Introduction to Big Data
     Big Data Ecosystem
     Hadoop, HDFS, and MapReduce
     Spark and Spark MLlib
     NoSQL databases and HBase

  •  Introduction to Deep Learning
     Neural Networks
     Convolutional Neural Networks
     Recurrent Neural Networks
     Natural Language Processing

  •  Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management
     Inventory Optimization
     Predictive Maintenance
     Quality Control
     Process Improvement

  •  Business Intelligence Overview
     Data Warehousing and ETL Process
     Dimensional Modeling
     BI Tools Overview(Tableau, Power BI, etc.)
     Data Visualization Best Practices

  •  Project Management Best Practices
     Agile Methodologies for Data Science
     Deployment Strategies for Data Science Projects
     Ethics in Data Science

  •  Reallife case studies from different domains
     Handson exercises using popular software tools for Data Science
     Project work involving solving a Data Science problem from endtoend

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